There are many resources on spiritual advice for individuals and new parents that help them to realize their purpose in life and overcome challenges that may come their way. Spiritual resources help individuals to develop and nurture their spirituality and connect with the divine. There is no distinct difference between spirituality and religion because both involve finding comfort in a belief system, living by set values, and believing in something greater than oneself. Spiritual resources include books, meditation, prayers, and traditional healing rituals. It’s important to note that people find spiritual nourishment in different ways, and it’s not a surprise to find individuals who are not part of a religion leading a spiritual life. Read through this article to find information and resources on spiritual advice.

Spiritual Books

If you want to find upliftment and live a great life, reading spiritual books is a real treat. Reading spiritual books promotes positive thinking, boosts knowledge, and enables one to change their life for the better. Spiritual books are a great source of spiritual advice, especially for new parents looking for an avenue to find strength and insights on raising their young kids. Spiritual books are not limited to religious teachings such as the bible and the Quran; one can also rely on renowned spiritual writers such as Caroline Myss, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Dr Michael Newton.


YouTube is another source of spiritual nourishment. Suppose you want to get the most out of your spiritual journey; in that case, you need to follow spiritual YouTube channels dedicated to producing content that revolves around spiritual advice and knowledge.


Meditation is when a person uses a technique such as focusing on an object, activity or thought to enhance their awareness to gain mental clarity or emotional well-being. This can be a great resource to achieve spiritual nourishment and to get meaning out of life, especially for new parents.