Many parents may want to have a new child, but it’s a mixed feeling when the baby arrives. The joy of adding another member to the family is accompanied by sleepless nights, especially in the first six months. This is a difficult time for most mothers that can affect them mentally and emotionally, but the solution may be at the fingertips of parents.

In this guide, you’ll learn the best three mindfulness exercises that can make your baby sleep better every night.

Singing Solemn Spiritual Songs

Choose one of the spiritual songs you know and start singing it solemnly for the baby. The first thing you’ll notice is that the baby will start to behave like someone who is paying attention to a conversation, and before you know it, the baby will fall asleep.

Quiet Meditation

Some children can find it hard to close their eyes for a few hours when advancing in age, especially at four months old. Those babies need the 4-month-old sleep schedule, a silent meditation that you can do while laying down beside your baby on the bed. This does not only impact the mother, but her baby will also feel the mother’s presence and respond by falling asleep.

Pray Within the Room

Praying within the room can also assist mothers to make their babies sleep very fast. The baby will put on a happy mood during the prayer, making it a solemn moment for the child and mother. And in minutes, the baby will drift off to the dreamland.

Utilizing these spiritual exercises goes a long way to determine how quickly and how long your child will sleep at night.

Mindfulness Exercises to Make Babies Sleep Better at Night

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