Spiritualism is the experience and practice where one receives insights from external stimuli. The practice of initiating a connection with a supreme being has been part of humankind for ages, and it’s found in almost all systems of belief, including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and other religions. It’s important to understand that this guidance is not only limited to people belonging to a particular religion but is also practised by non-religious people. Here are common ways through which people receive religious guidance.

Reading Spiritual Material

Written spiritual materials are a unique medium for passing a message to each receiver. We should engage our minds in spiritual lessons for us to hear a heavenly voice. One should be open to reading and learning about the different versions of God. For example, Christians should not confine themselves to only reading the bible but strive to learn about other religions such as Islam or Buddhism.


Meditation is an ideal approach towards receiving spiritual guidance. When meditating, you should be open to receive the message sent to you by the universe. This helps one to clear the mind and focus on the now and here. People report that they achieve the best meditation results in the morning before rising or in the evening before bed.

Daily Prayer

Saying a daily prayer is another way to receive spiritual guidance and connecting with the creator. However, many people make the mistake of viewing prayers as a one-way conversation. If the intention is to receive a message from the creator, one should allow periods of silence, and as you connect with the universe, various images and words will form in your consciousness.

How to Receive Spiritual Guidance

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