Spiritual advisors or directors offer guidance to people in search of enlightenment. This guidance may last over a short period, for example, when one attends a spiritual retreat while other people prefer engaging with the services of a spiritual mentor over a long period. A spiritual guide does not need to be a human being. However, people in society have perfected the art of spiritual guidance either through training or experience. A spiritual guidance session covers several things, including prayers, devotion, repentance, spiritual difficulties and joys. Read through the tips on how to identify an advisor who will fulfil your spiritual needs.


When looking for a spiritual mentor, the first thing you should do is to ask for divine intervention from the power above. This doesn’t mean that you should wait for the advisor to fall from the sky but ask for guidance.

Start with a Person you Know

Consider choosing an advisor from among the people within your spiritual community. This can be either your priest or prayer leader. Though not all feel competent or have spiritual guidance training, it won’t hurt to ask. It’s helpful to have a pre-existing relationship with the person you need guidance from before engaging with them.

Search the Web

Nowadays, it’s also possible for individuals to get help online without meeting face-to-face with the advisor. Some spiritual or religious websites have a list of directors working with the organization. However, it’s essential to read through other people’s reviews when engaging an online advisor because some are not true advisors; hence, one may waste valuable time.

How to Identify a Spiritual Advisor

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