People who want to develop their spiritual life always take their sleep seriously. Apart from being physically healthy in the morning, your sleep quality will also determine what type of dreams and revelations you will have.

Dreams say a lot about your life. People can even meditate while sleeping to connect to their deity. To experience better sleep at night, you should involve yourself in these three spiritual activities at bedtime.


It is good to end your day with meditation because it will help your body and mind relax, giving you better sleep. The meditation may improve your sleep quality, influencing the dreams you will have that same night.

Even if you have children that find it difficult to sleep at night, including them in your meditation or visiting Huckleberry can also help the whole family. So, try to meditate before going to bed, then observe how you feel the following morning.

Listen to Spiritual Music

Listening to spiritual music can relax your body and mind. Don’t just listen to any music (especially those that excite), but spiritual music that can lighten your burdens and that can inspire you.

Let Go

Whatever challenges you might have encountered, let go of them. Forget about your anxiety; let all your troubles go by practising mindfulness. Doing so does not guarantee an automatic solution from above, but a state of mindfulness frees up your mind and allows you to experience better sleep.

Committing yourself to these activities during most nights will likely improve your sleep dramatically.

3 Spiritual Activities You Should Do at Bedtime

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