"At the dawning of the twenty-first century a microchip driven super-civilisation hurtles towards an abyss of its own making. Has it all happened before, in the distant mists of time?"


Inspired by true events, Hall of the Gods chronicles the adventures of an orphan boy with a phenomenal intellect.

1902 AD, Egypt. Baron Algernon Northgate enters an unmarked tomb. Shortly after his return to England with two mummies and a collection of mysterious artefacts, he vanishes without a trace...

Present-day Oxford. Young Alexander uncovers a disturbing truth: both his parents were burnt to death in a freak accident. Worse still, it appears that he is the sole survivor of an aristocratic dynasty, believed to have been cursed. Tracking down the location of his ancestral family home, he finds it abandoned.

For Alexander and his tutor, tempestuous accident-prone professor Frank Malone, this is just the start of a strange and dangerous quest. Breaking into the eerie mansion, they stumble across the journals of the Victorian Baron. The journals tell a compelling story of excavations on the Giza plateau. Determined to unearth the secrets of the Baron, the duo return to the mansion - unaware of the incredible fate that awaits them....



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