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Alexander: Hall of the Gods was inspired by a true story and exciting recent discoveries in the fields of parapsychology and archaeology.

Set between the late nineteenth century and the present day, Hall of the Gods is a tale of obsession and revenge that revolves around the themes of the paranormal, the occult, Freemasonry and Egyptology.

Present day: Alexander, orphaned under mysterious circumstances, does not know where to turn when he unearths a terrible truth. Due to his phenomenal intellect, he successfully enrols as an undergraduate at the University of Oxford at age thirteen. Here begins a fateful relationship with tempestuous accident-prone academic Frank Malone.

Frank Malone's volcanic temper gets him into a lot of trouble. A road-rage incident leads to his abduction by three masked leather-clad assailants. Narrowly escaping with his life, he stumbles upon a deserted house and finds an object that will ultimately lead Alexander on a strange and disturbing quest.

Vowing to track down his kidnappers, the Oxford academic engages the services of hard-bitten private detective Zoe Watts. His abductors prove to be contract killers and the female detective becomes involved in a deadly pursuit. Eventually, the killers corner her in a deserted wood and she must fight for her life, and that of her unwitting employer.

Alexander manages to unearth the location of his ancestral family home and journeys there with his tutor, Frank Malone. Breaking into the eerie abandoned mansion they stumble across the journals of a Victorian Baron. The journals tell a compelling story.

Nineteenth century: Shortly after his initiation into the Brotherhood of Freemasons, Baron Algernon Northgate learns of the fabled ‘Lost Hall of Records’ in Egypt. The Hall is believed to contain the secrets of a highly advanced civilisation, destroyed during the catastrophic global changes (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves and enormous rises in sea level) that occurred at the end of the last ice age. Determined to find the Hall of Records, the Baron spends many years in Egypt where he makes a number of remarkable discoveries.

Unfortunately for Baron Northgate, his uncovering of an ancient Egyptian tomb unleashes a deadly curse. Ultimately, Alexander finds out that he is the last surviving descendant of the Baron, and must battle the curse or die. In a desperate race against time the boy must discover the origin of the curse and a way to defeat it.

Things get progressively worse for the hapless Frank Malone and he ultimately becomes embroiled in Alexander's struggle to survive.

On one level, Hall of the Gods is a fast paced action-adventure thriller set in present day Oxford, with a subplot involving nineteenth century Egypt. On another level, Hall of the Gods is a thought-provoking exploration of the mysteries associated with the enigmatic Giza plateau.

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