Chapter 1 Part 4     

The baroness looked sadly at her husband, tears streaming down her pallid face. “Northgate Hall has become haunted, Algernon,” she sobbed. “Why did you bring those accursed corpses to our home? The dead should be left to rest in peace and not torn from the cradle of their graves to provide amusement for curious fools! Our daughter is like a shadow now, and Christopher clings to me in a perpetual state of fear. Even the servants have started handing in their notices. It is too much, Algernon. It is too much. I will never set foot in that house again.”  
     It was clear to the baron that his wife was too upset to reason with, but he knew in his heart that he could never leave Northgate Hall. The Hall was his ancestral home. He was born and had lived his entire life in that house. It was the home of his father and his father’s father. In all, seventeen generations of his family had lived on the Northgate Estate before him. Was he to be dispossessed by ghosts? Was he to be driven out like a coward from his own home?     
     “There has to be a rational explanation for all of this,” he had said to his wife as he departed for the Hall. She had pleaded with him to stay with her at their London residence in Regents Park and sell the estate, but alas, to no avail. That was the last she ever saw of her husband.
     The baron had promised his wife that he would get to the bottom of things and rejoin her at the weekend, but he disappeared not long after returning to the ancient house. The police, called in by the butler, made a thorough search of the Hall and grounds, but no trace of the baron was ever found. The mummy too had mysteriously vanished and the story created quite a stir in the national newspapers. Vowing never again to set foot in Northgate Hall, the baroness dismissed the remaining staff, sold off the estate and had the house and grounds sealed. A trust fund was established so that the perimeter wall and gates could be kept in a state of good repair. Northgate Hall was left abandoned—a tomb for her dear lost Algernon.